WPBanner helps you to create and display unlimited banners on your website. The process of creating and displaying banners using WPBanner is super easy and is alike for both novices and professionals. Now, no need to call developer to place adverts on your website. With WPBanner you can choose where to place advert on your site easily.

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What is WPBanner? How it works?

WPBanner is a WordPress plugin that not only allows you to create adverts yourself easily but also allows you to use 3rd party scripts to display adverts on your website. No bit of code is required for creating and displaying adverts. With WPBanner keep track of every advert. So you can know which advert is going good for you.

Ease of use

WPBanner fits perfectly with WordPress and gives you the opportunity to put adverts possibly anywhere on your site effortlessly. WPBanner provides a very simple to use dashboard, so that user don't get overwhelmed with lot of options.

Schedule your adverts

With WPBanner you can schedule your adverts before time according to your will. Select the duration for which you want your advert to be shown on website and you can also specify on which days you want to show your adverts.

Campaign based on devices

WPBanner allows you to show your adverts based on different devices. Select whether you need to show your adverts on mobiles, tabs, PCs or on all devices. It's all upto you.

No coding required

Don't know how to code? Stress not, WPBanner requires no coding skills at all and still provides a similar experience to amateurs and experts alike.

Get support

Need help getting started or have a configuration question or any other issue? We are here to help you, just reach us with your quey and we will respond in a quick manner.

Convinced with WPBanner? Great, lets get started…

Still not sure? Get your feet wet with our Demo. It’s completely free and available on our demo site.

Features That Matter

Fully custom banners

With WPBanner you can create fully customized banners once and can use it anywhere on your website easily. You can add caption and call-to-action button to every banners on your preferred location. Updating banner's setting is easy, no coding is required. Banners are responsive and will automatically resize to fit their container.

Group adverts

Want to show your banners in group form? Don't worry, WPBanner got you covered in this matter. You can use your already created banners to show in the groups or you can always create new banners to include in groups.

Advert statistics

WPBanner allows you to have a full check over your adverts performance. Impressions and clicks for every advert are recorded on the backend side. You can see which adverts are going well for your business through your admin-panel area.

Advert Status

With WPBanner keeping the track of your advert status is super convenient. Whether your advert is showing on your website or not is easy to know. You can get status info of every advert on one location.


With detailed WPBanner documentation, setting up the plugin on your site will be a like breeze. Every aspect of plugin is covered in the plugin's documentation. Images are also included for demonstration. Still, if you need help we are always available for you. Reach us with your quey and we will respond to it in short duration.

Miscellaneous settings

WPBanner also provide different options for banners. You can make banner link follow/nofollow, on click open banner in same tab or in new tab, enable/disable tracking from logged-in users and many other options.